1/8" steel tread floor plate (8'-12')

3/16" steel tread floor plate (13'-24')

5" structural channel long members (8'-12')

6" structural channel long members (13'-18')

7" structural channel long members (19'-24')

3" structural channel cross members

Side rub rail with external stake pockets

Lengths: 8'-0" or longer

Width: 94", 96", 102" or other widths available

Black epoxy primer with a gloss black finish

​Bulkhead with slotted window​​

​LED lighting with wiring harness

12' Flatbed with tapered bulkhead, extended rear skirt and

custom light package

16' Flatbed up fitted with

40" City Stake Racks and lift gate


Direct push or scissors lift hoists

Tapered bulkhead

Smooth steel floor

Full bulkhead w/o window

​Rear pockets and rub rail

​Extended rear skirt with custom lighting

​Various lighting packages and wiring harnesses


8' Flatbed with tapered bulkhead and large slotted window, crane base mounting plate, 6" removable sides, expanded metal basket box, custom extended rear skirt with extra lighting