Truck flatbed

Truck flatbeds
- built to exceed the demands!

Industrial Truck Beds by Hilltip are handcrafted by modern-day craftsmen in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our bodies include a stacked structural steel understructure on 12” centers, factory-cut hand holds on the bulkhead, and usable windows as standard features.

Custom truck flatbeds with all the features you need!

To exceed the demands of your trade, upgrade your platform body with flooring options such as steel treadplate, carbon or stainless smooth steel in varying gauges, hard or soft wood, and T&G recycled tire rubber and plastic Ultra flooring. Custom lighting options, 9” cross-member spacing, custom bulkheads, steel stake racks, poly stake racks (recycled), gooseneck hitches, and hoist options. Our sales team is available to fully customize any Industrial Truck Beds by Hilltip flatbed to exceed the needs of your trade.

Flatbed specifications

1/8″ steel tread floor plate (8′-12′)
3/16″ steel tread floor plate (13′-24′)
5″ structural channel long members (8′-12′)
6″ structural channel long members (13′-18′)
7″ structural channel long members (19′-24′)
8″ structural channel lonmembers (25’+)
3″-4″ structural channel cross members
Side rub rail with external stake pockets

7′-0″ or longer

94″, 96″, 102″ or other widths available

Black epoxy primer with a gloss black finish
Bulkhead with useable slotted window, and hand holds
​LED lighting with wiring harness

Direct push or scissor lift hoists
Tapered bulkhead
Smooth steel floor
Full bulkhead w/o window
​Rear pockets and rub rail
​Extended rear skirt with custom lighting
​Various lighting packages and wiring harnesses
City Stake racks poly or steel
Rack kit available