Drop Sides

Drop-side dump bed

Drop-side dump beds
- designed to last!

Industrial Truck Beds by Hilltip are handcrafted by modern-day craftsmen in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our drop-side dump beds are designed to outlast the commercial chassis.

Drop-side dump beds
– heavy-duty solutions for your truck!

Standard features include double panel sides and tailgate, dual control rods, fabricated bottom tailgate latch, single handle tailgate and single handle side operation. These standard features make Industrial Truck Beds by Hilltip drop side dump beds the leader of the commercial and municipal truck equipment market.

Industrial Truck Beds by Hilltip offers work-ready product solutions. Our sales team is very knowledgeable and will assist you in choosing the options and features to customize your drop-side dump body. Available options include hi-gloss polyurethane black or custom commercial paint, factory-installed light kits, tarp kits, and sub-frame hoist kits. We specialize in equipment for the municipal market, landscape, demolition, mason, snow/ice, and heavy construction trades.

Drop-side dump bed specifications

8′ to 18′ and custom lengths available

82″, 94″ and 96″

3″ structural channel crossmembers
5″ structural channel long members (8′ – 11′)
6″ structural channel long members (12′ – 18′)

13″ height (2-3 yard)
19″ height (3-4 yard)
Boxed top rail and double wall construction
Single handle side release
1″ pin side engagement into corner posts
Board pockets
Greaseable hinges

19″ height (2-3 yard)
25″ height (3-4 yard)
Smooth design with single handle upper latch
Double wall construction
Straight back design

18″ overhang (24″ and 32″ available)
Contour cut end plates
Window with vertical supports

Gloss black finish
Cab shield installed to customer supplied height
Oval S/T/T lighting in rear corner posts
Taller bulkhead or cab shields
Tarp kits
Multi-height cab shields- one body to fit many chassis
Work ready solutions

Many hoists are available with various power units.
Customized understructure to fit customers current hoists (bed only replacements)